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    Welcome to Throwing Stars Jewelry by Amy Leff


{ W E L C O M E }

If you are new to our website, welcome!!

I'm Amy Leff, designer and founder of Throwing Stars Jewelry. We design and create high quality fashion jewelry and fine jewelry daily. Most of our jewelry is light-weight, 14k gold filled. We also work with heirlooms and love redesigning older pieces. Enjoy browsing and let us know what you think!


Order charms to personalize your bracelets. Redesign an heirloom or redesign jewelry from an Ex.

Custom Projects

{ L O V E L Y }

Custom Re-Design

In the mood to re-design some jewelry that you have laying in your jewelry drawer? We can do so much to update your jewelry.

Best Sellers

Love, simplicity and light stand the test of time. Perfect gifts for so many wonderful occasions.

Fine Jewelry

Want something new? You can also start fresh and new! We can custom make anything to your very own specifications!!