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How to Properly Layer Your Necklaces

Amy Leff

Posted on July 17 2021

How to Properly Layer Your Necklaces

To Layer or Not to Layer? That Is The Question!

We all know that finding the perfect piece of jewelry can complete the outfit, but what if you find more than one perfect accessory? Then what? Layering necklaces, layering bracelets, adding multiple rings to your fingers is an excellent way to take an outfit from basic to BAM!  Much like in gardening, there are "thrillers, fillers and spillers" it's the same when it comes to layering jewelry. Each piece has its place - something simple, something textured and something bold. Don't be afraid of wearing that simple initial necklace with a more dynamic, longer one. Feel free to combine textures, metal colors and a splash of color to enhance your look. No matter how you do it, layering and stacking is not something to be afraid of, embrace it! It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it!

Love, Amy

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