What to Wear Wednesday!!

March 18, 2015

As someone who stays on top of fashion trends, I was excited to see Tamron Hall of The Today Show talking about one of my favorite trends – LAYERING!! I have been encouraging you to double (or triple) your necklaces for months. And don't forget rings - stacking rings are a great way to add a wow factor! Our stacking rings are available in a variety of metals, some with stones and some beaded, but all sure to make a statement. Now I know some of you hear the word “layering” and picture Mr. T from the 1980s wearing so many gold chains, but I assure you, a layered look will elevate your style. The key is to maintain balance when you wear multiple necklaces. Here are some ideas from the Throwing Stars Collection to inspire you!!


From left to right: Stacking Rings in various metals, Small Charm Necklace/Fierce & Mighty Horn/Alternative Necklace, Belly Dancer & Around We Go Necklaces

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