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Lovely Cuff

Lovely Cuff


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Isn't she lovely... isn't she wonderful...

The Lovely Cuff  is our social butterfly. Throwing Stars fans love, love, love her because she makes for a luxe layering bracelet.

All cuffs are hand forged and hammered to give each bracelet its own unique character. This process also makes them comfortable to wear and smooth and soft to the touch. Each cuff has a slight opening on the bottom to slide over your wrist. We recommend adjusting the size of the cuff to tighten after it is on.

X-Large cuff is 1 1/2" in width.

Large cuff is 1 1/4" in width.

Medium cuff is 1" in width.

Small cuff is 3/4" in width.

X-Small cuff is 1/2" in width.

Choose 14k gold filled or sterling silver.