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Just The Chain
Thick, thin, or somewhere in between, chains come is so many shapes and sizes. And when it comes to layering chain, mix it up! Start with your filler, a choker that sits right at your neck base, typically 14-15". Then you have your thriller, or your middle chain at 16-18". Finally, your spiller is your longest chain that measures anywhere from 20"-40"! 
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Paperclip Chain Necklace
From $58.00 - $146.00
Just The Chain - Dainty Sweet Chain in Gold and Silver
From $14.00 - $227.45
Just The Chain - Hopscotch Chain Various Lengths
From $40.00 - $78.00
Black Sand Necklace
From $52.00 - $68.00
Perfect Layering Necklace With Toggle Clasp
Morse Code Chain
From $48.00 - $98.00