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Amy Leff, Throwing Stars Jewelry

I'm not sure if it's my maiden name... Goldschmitt, aka gold-smith?  Or whether it's as simple as:  jewelry is pretty and I want to make it.  Whatever the case may be, jewelry is who I am.  It's not a "job," it's part of me.  

Even when I'm not actually in the studio, I'm constantly thinking jewelry. It's one of the first things I look at when I meet you.  I know I am supposed to look someone straight in the eyes, but I find myself looking at your earrings or necklace first.

My jewelry love affair started in 2001. I was going through the process of making a lot of friends, new job; I had a new lease on life. I wrote, "Throwing Stars," a poem about taking chances and making big changes and pressed the "do-over" button.

Through the years my jewelry has developed a core aesthetic. My designs are perfectly imperfect as they are handcrafted. They have a dainty yet edgy vibe. I favor contrasts, so you will see a lot of mixed metals, hammering, twisting, and options for layering. There is always something new!

For Throwing Stars, I use mainly 14k gold-filled and sterling silver metals along with 14k gold and precious or semi-precious stones. My trendy PARC line uses gold-plated or silver plated metals and brass. 

I'm a working mother of two precious girls, creating out of my Atlanta studio. Playing with new ideas and making custom pieces keeps me busy. I strive to make jewelry that’s fun, lightweight, and easy to wear with a hint of sophistication and shimmer all-in-one! 



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