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Springy Bracelet - Black and White

The Springy Bracelet is light, fun, and reminds me of a slinky. A single bracelet wraps around your wrist 5 times. And if you double up, you will get two bracelets and you will get double the fun, 10 wraps! The second photo features doubled up Springy Bracelets with 1 Oxidized and 1 Silver bracelet.

Available in Sterling Silver or Oxidized Sterling Silver wire. If you choose to double up on your bracelets, save 10%. 

If you aren't sure about your bracelet size, it's best to measure the inside diameter of a bracelet you currently wear. 

Bracelet Sizes in Diameter:
X-Small 2.4"
Small 2.5"
Medium 2.65"
Large 2.8"

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