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Initial Disc Necklace - Small or Medium

A timeless and personalized necklace perfect for layering or wearing alone. Subtle, dainty and sweet.

Choose between the small disc (7mm) or medium (9.5mm). If you're trying to compare sizes of the tiny discs, the 7mm disc size is about the size of a pencil eraser. The 9.5mm disc is approximately the same size as a button on a button down shirt.

The 7mm initial discs start at $58 and the 9.5mm discs start at $68. Each additional disc is $10. Also, chose between a variety of fonts for a personalized finish. If you are looking for the large disc size, 12mm, please click here.

Font Choices for 7mm or 9mm disc - 1.5 Arial, 3mm Arial,and 2.5mm lowercase script

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